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Frank- Kennel Manager

Frank is the full-time kennel caretaker and manager for Maverick Collies. Though he holds a degree in Biomedical Science, he chose to pursue a career that satisfied his creative instincts, becoming a successful floral designer and later a shopkeeper. For over two decades, he owned a renowned home furnishings store. After selling his shop, Frank now dedicates himself fully to caring for the beloved Collies in our breeding program.

In addition to his daily kennel duties, Frank designs and maintains the Maverick Collies website. He loves gardening and cultivating beautiful flowers, and you can often find them displayed throughout the house.

Barbara – Kennel Technician

We are delighted to introduce our exceptional kennel technician, Barbara. A talented multitasker, Barbara is adept at feeding, cleaning, grooming, exercising, and raising our dogs. As a proud Army retiree, she brings a strong work ethic and dedication to every task. When April and Frank head out to dog shows, Barbara steps in to care for the dogs 24/7, ensuring they receive the best possible care. Barbara is passionate about sporting events, and in her spare moments, she enjoys spending time with her poodles, Lucy and Luna, and exhibiting her classic Camaro at car shows.