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CH Tartanside Th’ Critic’s Choice, ROM & CH Tartanside Ballet

The Maverick breeding program is firmly anchored in Tartanside roots. As teenagers in the early 90’s, we were profoundly inspired by the iconic images of the Tartanside Collies bred by John Buddie. Although we didn’t quite know how to explain it at the time, his Collies captivated us with their incredible expressions, beautiful eyes, full, round muzzles, soft curves, and balanced bodies. When it was time to begin our journey, we sought descendants of Tartanside dogs with these same virtues.

CH Southland’s Bowen Island, ROM – 2002 CCA Best of Breed

    In 2008, we began our search for our first show prospect and purchased a sable puppy named “Sawyer,” bred by Mary Willett in Missouri. “Sawyer” was linebred on the renowned Southland family, with CH Southland’s Bowen Island, ROM, “Bowen,” appearing three times in his pedigree. “Bowen,” a breathtaking sable Collie, had won Best of Breed at the 2002 CCA National Specialty and boasted a pedigree featuring a combination of the finest daughters of Ch. Tartanside Th’ Critics’ Choice, ROM. His timeless virtues were numerous, and he consistently passed them on to his progeny.

“Sawyer” as a puppy & Our daughter showing “Sawyer”

“Sawyer” was slow to mature, so April dedicated extra time each day to teaching him obedience skills while we patiently waited to show him in conformation. He fulfilled his early promise at the age of three, becoming BISS GCH Maerewyn Cinematic, BN, RN, CGC. It was a family affair, with April and our two young daughters guiding him to all his wins while Frank worked diligently to learn the art of grooming a Collie for the show ring.

Our first show prospect, GCH Maerewyn Cinematic, BN, RN, CGC, “Sawyer”